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Behsho aims to be a comprehensive health services App which removes boundaries between people and health providers.


Online consult:

With experienced doctors, cost-effective prices, 24/7


Health Café:

Offers many free health self-assessment tests and valued content with a simple language.


Health Centers Information:

Helps to shorten the distance between people and clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.

Behsho English

Who are we?


  • Behsho App aims to improve quality of receiving online health services for public.


  • With our online consult platform, in a short time you can get connected with many professional doctors and physiologists to solve your problem. Of course with cost-effective prices.


  • Our health calendar helps you to set your reminder to take pills, meet the doctor or visit your dentist for a routine checkup.


  • Besides, easy access to full information of health centers, providing useful content as well as valid self-assessment tests, are just a part of Behsho’s services.

Our Services:


  • Online consult sessions with professional doctors and phycologists.


  • Online health insurance services.


  • Searching and finding all of the health centers across country.


  • Free access to useful and up to date content in our Health Cafe (Articles, Infographics, Videos…).


  • Valid Risk assessment and physiological tests.


  • Health calendar.


  • Archive all of your medical documents and records in just one place

Contact Us:

Email:  [email protected]


Contact No :+98 (021) 48000983

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